Photos Of Prom Dates Who Got Married That Will Have You Believing In Love Again

Prom means slow dancing with sweaty hands, punch that tastes like pure sugar, a DJ who plays songs from 5 years ago, and the love of your life? These lucky people unexpectedly went to prom with the person they ended up marrying. Now that’s a prom ticket that’s actually worth the price.

These are more than coincidence – these are couples destined to stay together. If they can take on the craziness that is senior prom, then they can take on anything. Check out these prom and wedding photos that will have your heart melting.

These Two Married 65 Years After They Were Prom Dates

You never know who your soulmate is going to be and when you’re going to find them. But it’s better late than never to realize that your true love may be the person who’s been there all along.

grandparents married prom and wedding photos
Photo Credit: North_Shore_Problem / Reddit

That’s what happened with Reddit user @North_Shore_Problem’s friend. She writes that “both 81 and widowed, my friend’s grandmother reconnected with her prom date and married him 65 years later.” These two really are the definition of timeless love.


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