Celebrities & Their Absurd Backstage Requests

We all want what we can’t get, don’t we? However, most of the times we are unable to get what we want because of financial matters, but this is not the case with a lot of celebrities. Celebrities can get whatever they want. They buy whatever they like because of huge checks they receive from brands.

A lot of celebrities are popular for their big and strange kind of demands. Celebrities including actors and singers have demanded some very strange things while doing their jobs. Most of these demands are filled to make them happy and comfortable. Being a popular celebrity gets you luxury cars, bigger hotel rooms and many more perks to enjoy during your work. Producers do not hesitate to spend money on such things to maintain the quality of the work from the celebrities.

Ed Sheeran

Worldwide popular singer Ed Sheeran has been hitting the top 10 searches of the Google since 2011. This man is now equally popular as Rihanna, Eminem and Taylor Swift.

Ed Sheeran does not ask for a lot of things while doing his concerts. England’s multi-talented entertainer is one of the most famous singers in the world, a fact proved by the record 770 million fans that flocked to see his last tour. Although he didn’t make any outlandish requests during the sold-out event, Sheeran did make sure that his pallet was quenched by requesting that his fridge was stocked with the British fruit drink Robinsons Squash, and a wide range of pop, including a six-pack each of Coke and Diet Coke, a six-pack of Sprite and a half dozen cans of orange Fanta. If that wasn’t enough to satisfy his sweet tooth, the additional jar of Manuka Honey would certainly do the trick.


Jack Johnson

Whereas many celebrity riders go over the top with bells and whistles, Johnson’s wishlist is one of the least diva-like of them all. While he hasn’t released a new album since “All The Light Above It Too” in 2017, Johnson has remained in the spotlight as part of the “Together At Home” concert series.

Along with his wife, Johnson, a big advocate of protecting our environment and giving back to the less fortunate, has spearheaded the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation, a program that supports environmental, art, and music education. As part of his concert rider, Johnson backs up his beliefs by demanding that recycling and trash do not mix and that things like energy-saving lights and valets for bikes are made available and that all proceeds from his performance go towards non-profit organizations.


One of the best selling musical artists of all time, RiRi was once the “it girl” for nearly a decade as between 2005-2016, not only did she release nine chart-topping albums, but she also successfully transitioned into the film and fashion industry.

Unfortunately for fans of her music, the beauty from Barbados has continuously pushed back her much-anticipated “R9” album, which was originally scheduled for release in 2019. Considering how much Rihanna has on her plate, it is no wonder that she is often munching on snacks, especially during her concerts where she requests grab and go foods like Cheetos (regular and hot), Oreo cookies, Golden Graham cereal, Cup of Soup and garlic olives. Her beverage of choice to wash down all those snacks? Red and white wine, vodka, soda, and Frappuccinos.

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