Modern-day Relationship problems and how to prevent them

Modern-day Relationship problems and how to prevent them

Modern-day Relationship problems and how to prevent them

Relationships in 2020 are light years different from the ones in the 80s and 90s. Today relationships usually start with technological assisting. Online dating has become a norm now, and with it comes a huge bunch of problems.

A romantic facebook message has replaced a heartfelt, handwritten letter, while a flower smiley is now the new I love you. What other technological advances are gradually plaguing relationship trends nowadays? Let’s take a closer look and discover.

Petty arguments kill relationships

Let’s be honest, most arguments between couples circle around petty and trivial things. Remember that time you forgot the coffee on your way back home from a mentally-draining work shift? Moreover, if the lady smashes a taunting remark your way, such as how come you always forget the milk, but never the condoms?! I Just know when mundane things could stand in the way of you and your partner. Some tolerance over separation, right?

Her Best Friend

It is very common for people to jot down all emotional and personality traits they seek in a partner. But everybody hesitates to talk about good looks and financial stability. Why? IMO, that leave loopholes, which can hurt later on. Yes, folks, a good personality is a no-brainer, so let’s not waste time mentioning the painfully obvious. But how about a little honesty from each other’s end every now and then?

When Changing for the Better Backfires

Changing for the greater good is both skill and science. For yourself as an individual, you might be doing good, but for your significant one, you might be underachieving. When you change too much, it leads to people believing there’s something wrong with you. How do you solve this dilemma? Just stay true to yourself (unless, of course, you have horrible hygiene). Take it easy.

No Touching!

Relationships that start online usually end up becoming long-distance relationships. Long-distance relationships are now the norm of the world of love. While things do seem magical and heavenly when the lovers meet in person, but they eventually end up being far from each other. Distance hurts, even if it doesn’t show. Try to video chat with your partner every now and then, if not every day. Trying to meet as much as possible is a no-brainer.

Love Really, Really Hurts

This problem has been there with every relationship on this planet. Love hurts, whether it’s with a pet or a girlfriend. How to avoid being hurt by love? Honestly, if you feel sane, you end up loving things and people. And there’s no realistic way of avoiding getting hurt from love. However, time and experience teach you how to deal effectively with loss.

Let’s post everything on Social Media

Remember when having fun with your partner meant going on a trip to the beach or taking on one of your favorite leisure activities. Sadly, today’s fun is more of focusedNetflix and chillesque stuff. Yes, you are cuddled and all, but this repetitive behavior eventually becomes boring. Instead of saying stuff face to face and in privacy, people post everything to Facebook. For example, your partner might post a breakup status while you are asleep.

Analyze Your Options

They say written communication is easier to understand than its verbal counterpart. So let’s ask you what the problem with breaking up via email is? I can say that the words might not be able to capture the emotion required to handle a situation of such magnitude. However, I can also say that you probably might avoid the inevitable crying and weeping. Choose wisely.

Post it, or it Didn’t Happen

When people started dating online, they never anticipated things would go this far. A little attention (along with a handful of reactions from people you barely know) could signal to mean the difference between a relationship and normal hangout friends. One can’t help but wonder if future marriages will feature a virtual function with 33 of your guests in the same video call to witness the wedding.

Oh, she doesn’t call meloveanymore

Let’s talk a bit in defense of repeated characters slangs, such as the case ofhoney“, “love”. If these two words don’t express a person is an excitement over you, then I don’t know what does. The moral here is to know your online lingo. Is your partner avoiding using certain words slowly and gradually? Be careful, these are all signs. Talk to them once you see a sign.


In fact, there’s nothing amiss with a person holding up until the last moment to prepare ñ except if he, as well, has long hair and wears cosmetics. In any case, cautious, folks, in light of the fact that each need under the sun will out of nowhere creep up on you at the absolute a minute ago. Restroom break, brushing your teeth, and missing vehicle keys are essential models. For this situation, prepare for a mind-blowing battle (and chances are she’ll turn out a champ).

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